• About Central Middle


    Central Middle School’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where all students and staff are respected, valued and inspired to reach their maximum academic, professional and social potential.


    Central Middle will be a school where students and staff are empowered through a positive school culture of respect and high expectations. We will build capacity and school pride through intentional interventions, strategic partnerships and commitment from core stakeholders.

    Central Middle School At Central Middle School, our teachers, administrators and staff strive to provide the best culture and environment each day for every student. As one of KCPS’ neighborhood middle schools, we offer a variety of different programs to keep students engaged and prepare them for high school.

    Students are encouraged to strive for high attendance and exceptional academics. Throughout the course of the year, we host a variety of incentive events rewarding students for demonstrating excellence with grades, citizenship and attendance.

    Develop a love of learning

    Every day, our goal is to provide a culture where students can develop a love of learning. As a one-to-one school, every student at Central Middle has his/her own technology device allowing teachers to use innovative teaching opportunities to bring lessons to life.

    Each student is part of a team within the school creating a “school-within-school” environment. Students work with an close team of teachers on their team for their core subjects. Research shows the smaller the schools, the increased opportunity of quality instruction and successful students.

    Community driven education

    We believe in teaching our children personal and moral values as a responsibility through positive association with students, faculty and the community. It is our commitment to help our students develop a healthy self-concept, enabling them to think and act for themselves and to develop leadership potential.

    Central Middle Activities & Programs:

    • Mentoring Programs
    • National Junior Honor Society
    • Student Council
    • Sports
    • Band
    • Choir
    • Debate/Speech
    • Chess Club
    • Sewing Club
    • Cooking Club
    • City Year