• How to Create a MyPaymentsPlus Account


    Go to www.MyPaymentsPlus.com

    ·         Click Here: register



    Step 1: Add your student/patron to the account.

    ·         Select your state and school/school district from the dropdowns.

    ·         Next, you will see the box below.  Please select “I have a student enrolled or I am a staff member of this district.”  (If you are the student, the same directions apply.)

    ·         Enter your child’s student ID number and last name (if you are the student, please enter your information).

    ·         Student ID numbers may usually be obtained by contacting your student’s school.

    ·         If your child’s last name has a suffix, please keep this in mind when entering the last name.

     Ex. “Smith Jr.” “Smith IV” “Smith‐Arnold”

    ·         If you wish to add another student, repeat step 1.



    Step 2: Create your profile.

    ·         Enter your name, address, and phone number.

    ·         Enter an active e‐mail address.  It’s important to enter a correct address so that you can receive e‐mail reminders, username/password information, and payment confirmations.


    Step 3: Create your signin.

    ·         Choose a “Username” that will be easy for you to remember.

    ·         Enter a 7‐20 character password.  Keep in mind that your password is case sensitive. (1 number and 1 letter required).

    ·         Enter a password hint to help you remember your password.


    Step 4: Confirm your profile.

    ·         Verify that all information you entered is correct.

    ·         If you need to change any of the information, you can click on the Edit link next to each section title.


    Step 5: Your registration is complete!

    ·         Sign in by entering the username/password you created in “Step 1”. 

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