• Paseo

    About Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts

    Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts is a Signature School of Kansas City Public Schools with a performing arts program that includes, dance, visual arts, fashion design, graphic arts, video production, instrumental and vocal music, technical theater, creative writing and drama.

    The teachers at Paseo Academy have extensive backgrounds in the arts and are dedicated to providing students with outstanding educational opportunities through a wide variety of creative experiences.

    Locally and nationally celebrated writers, artists, actors, musicians and dancers provide additional instruction, with many serving as artists-in-residence, lecturers and master teachers. This training also prepares our students to successfully participate in local, regional and national performances, as well as exhibitions and arts competitions.

    In addition to offering extensive training in the arts, Paseo also provides a rigorous academic program to prepare students for college and postsecondary advanced studies. Each year, graduating seniors are awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to various colleges and universities, internships and on-the-job shadowing, with many graduates receiving an Associate’s degree in addition to their high school diploma.

    Career Academics

    Career Academies at Paseo are an academic compliment to the current fine and performing arts majors. Students are still required to choose an arts major and audition to get accepted to the school. Within their accepted major, the student will choose a Career Academy that is associated with their chosen art. 

    Career Academies preserve the integrity and history of the arts programs while at the same time adding to the academic rigor of the school. The career academy program prepares Paseo students to use their chosen arts path to start a career. 

    Middle School Career and Arts Academy

    During middle school years, students will be enrolled in exploratory Arts and Career Academy courses. Students are encouraged to develop a plan that will create a successful exit, whether they dive directly from high school into a career, attend a two-year college, get a four-year degree or attain a post-graduate degree.

    Freshman Career and Arts Academy

    All incoming freshmen enroll in English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies courses along with the introductory Arts and Career Academy course.

    High School (10-12) Career and Arts Academy

    During Paseo students’ upper years, the High School Arts & Career Academies are small, personalized learning communities that guide students toward success in their chosen career. Students get to choose their Academy based on the ten-year-plan they create as middle schoolers. Students complete academy requirements within the regular school day, with the possible exception of some internships.