• What is LINC?

    The Local Investment Commission (LINC) is a citizen-driven community collaborative involving efforts by the state of Missouri to work with neighborhood leaders, citizens, business, civic and labor leaders to improve the lives of children and families in Kansas City and Jackson County.


    LINC, as it is often referred to, is involved in initiatives to provide employment to those on welfare, create new businesses in the central city, improve the delivery of human services, and help improve the lives of families and children.


    The efforts are directed by a 36-member citizen commission created in November 1992. Professional advice and support is provided by a professional cabinet which meets with the commission.  More than 700 volunteers – professionals, community leaders and citizens – are involved with LINC.


    LINC is also the Community Partnership selected by the state of Missouri to administer the Caring Communities fund created by eight state departments – Social Services, Mental Health, Health, Labor, Elementary and Secondary Education, Corrections, Economic Development, and Public Safety – to support and develop school-linked/neighborhood-based services. The fund is used to support services at selected schools where interest is shown by parents, neighbors and the school principal. The effort involves 60 schools in five school districts. School-linked services are part of a larger effort to develop comprehensive integrated neighborhood services through neighborhood involvement, professional development and change management.


    LINC is involved in other community efforts and partnerships. Its areas of concentration include: children and families, aging, health care, housing, school-linked services, welfare reform and business development.

    LINC Site Coordinator

    Hi, I’m Yolanda Robinson, Faxon Caring Communities Site Coordinator. We are diligently working with families and community members this year. The first partnership is with Front Porch Alliance entitled “Girls on the Run” this Health & Life skills program is designed for girls ages 8-13. This 10 week program allows them to build their self-esteem as well as getting fit.  During this school year I will continue strive to make Faxon a safe, friendly place for our families, staff, and community partners.  Together we can make a difference in our neighborhoods. Yolanda Robinson  | (816) 418-6525 |  yrobinson@kclinc.org

    We currently have 108 volunteers (PALS) who mentor Faxon students and provide them with individualized instruction for 30-60 minutes each week.

    Project Safe

    Ms. Elis Brown works with Pre-K on children safety - "Don't talk to strangers, tell a parent, call 911."

    Reading Interventionist

    Ms. Regina Adams works one-on-one with students to assist them in reaching the next level in reading.
    Score One

    Score One is an organization run by the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. It is funded by the Deron Cherry Foundation and provides health screening to thousands of children in several school districts in our area.

    They screen our children for blood pressure, height, weight, vision, dental, and general physical assessment. They bring in medical doctors, dentists, and nurses who provide the screening. Following the screenings each child’s parents are notified in writing of the results of the screenings. Score One also has access to services that can be provided to our children such as dental care, eye glasses, nutritional/weight counseling and other services.