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    Parent Teacher Organization

    Organización de Padres y Maestros


    The purpose of this organization is to: 

    1. Support the education of children at Foreign Language Academy. 
    2. Provide financial assistance where needs are identified. 
    3. Foster relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.

    Keep in contact:

    EMAIL - Sign up to receive FLA Shines PTO emails with news, reminders, and volunteer opportunities.  

    BLOG - Read meeting minutes, get this year's meeting dates, PTO board contact information, and reminders.

    FACEBOOK - Like and share PTO and FLA news, announcements and reminders.

    Friends of Foreign Language Academy 

    FACEBOOK GROUP - Ask questions or chat with other FLA parents and teachers.

    BULLETIN BOARD - Check the board outside the gym by parent pickup for announcements and volunteer opportunities. 


    2017-2018 FLA PTO Meetings

    August 24 – Board Meeting at 5pm, General Meeting 6pm
    September 26 - General Meeting at 4:30pm
    October 26 – General Meeting at 6pm
    November 14 – Board Meeting at 5pm, General Meeting 6pm
    December – No Meeting
    January 18 - Board meeting at 5pm, General Meeting 6pm
    February 20 - General Meeting at 4:30pm
    March 22 – General Meeting 6pm
    April 17 - Board meeting at 5pm,  General meeting at 6pm
    May 10 - General Meeting at 6pm

    2017-2018 PTO Executive Board Members

    If you wish to send an email to the entire board, you can send it to: fla-pto-board-2017-2018@googlegroups.com. If you wish to contact individual board members, contact information is below:

    President: Lisa Gooden    mamagooden@gmail.com  816-204-0905
    Vice-President: Rocio Lopez    rocioterriquez@hotmail.com 816-935-2585
    Secretary: Melissa Velazquez  melissa.velaz@gmail.com 913-620-4768
    Treasurer: Stacy Viveros-Schmidt   stacyviveros@gmail.com 913-269-1779
    Principal: Joell Ramsdell  jramsdel@kcpublicschools.org 816-418-6000

    Teacher Representative(s) : Anabel Vargas  avargas@kcpublicschools.org 816-418-6000

    LINC Representative: Sherry Harold sharold@kclinc.org  816-418-6076

    Parent Grade Level Representatives:

    Kindergarten      Melissa Hazely mpatterson.hazley@gmail.com 816-908-4551
    Kindergarten      Susan Eason  seasonsde61@gmail.com 816-820-9561
    Kindergarten      Hubert Bradley hueb.skmo@icloud.com

    1st Grade      Patti Sosa prsosa@gmail.com 816-810-4083
    1st Grade      Precious Felton precious.felton@gmail.com 816-853-9251

    2nd Grade      Tami Barr tamitbarr@gmail.com 816-679-5626
    2nd Grade      Kelly Thompson  kellythompson816@gmail.com

    3rd Grade     Open
    3rd Grade     Open

    4th Grade    Maxine Williams maxine.williams2@icloud.com 816-260-1506
    4th Grade    Sara Beth Burton sbrichard@gmail.com 816-500-3872
    4th Grade    Amy Carlson carlson.amy.rose@gmail.com 913-593-7479

    5th Grade    Michelle Comtois  michelle_comtois@yahoo.com 816-810-8831
    5th Grade    Amber Christman hairbyamberjune@gmail.com 816-682-9423

    6th Grade    Rocio Lopez rocioterriquez@hotmail.com 816-935-2585
    6th Grade    Thomas Paul Hardy globalcutts@gmail.com 816-612-0466
    6th Grade    Veronica Paez vpaez2020@gmail.com 816-204-0574

    7th Grade    Rebecca Glaser rebeccalynnglaser@yahoo.com 816-668-2165
    7th Grade    Luz Saenz 816-499-9084

    8th Grade    Tyvette Washington yochiefs@yahoo.com 816-299-1322
    8th Grade    Elizabeth Fuller eafuller@outlook.com 816-898-8040


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