• Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    Gladstone Elementary is the designated elementary school for Kansas City Public Schools deaf and hard of hearing students. Self-contained classrooms are provided, with integration with the hearing population during support classes and other all-school activities. Interpreters assist students when they are in support classes and mixing with the school population. Audio and speech evaluations and services are also provided.

    English Language Learners/New Americans
    Gladstone Elementary provides small group classes and ELL teachers for students learning English. The ELL teachers "push-in" to work with the students in their grade level homerooms, or "pull-out" a small group to work with. A special, self-contained classroom is provided for students who are New Americans.

    ALL identified ELL students (labeled LY) will be given the ACCESS test which will identify students' proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The ELL department will later share with classroom teachers the students' ACCESS test scores to help guide instruction and better meet ELL students' needs.
    Special Ed. Pre-School
    Special Education pre-kindergarten classes are currently part of Gladstone Elementary School.

    The LINC organization offers supervised activities after the pm dismissal time, until 6:00pm each full school day. There is a modest fee and limited space available. Contact the LINC Coordinator at 816-418-0235.