• About Harold Holliday, Sr. Montessori


    Harold L. Holliday, Sr. Montessori is one of two public signature Montessori schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Students residing within the KCPS school boundary are invited to apply. As a KCPS school, free breakfast and lunch are available for all students. Free transportation and before- and after-school care are also provided for students in grades K-6.

    Caregivers and community members are woven into Holliday’s fabric – they are essential to our success. With the help of our families and community partners, Holliday staff and students are working towards their very own Farmer’s Market. Volunteers constructed and installed garden beds on-site, allowing students to pick their first harvest during spring of 2016.

    With the new on-site gardens, Holliday is proud to offer a Gardening Club for students and families. Holliday has also partnered with Heartland Chamber of Music to offer string lessons to four and five year-olds, and the Kansas City Ballet to offer dance to third-grade students free of charge. Piano lessons also are offered at school to Holiday students by a private instructor – there is a charge.


    Montessori Life

    Montessori Founder Maria Montessori

    At Holliday, the Montessori philosophy allows our teachers to promote hands-on learning through exploration and discovery. Students are given the keys to the world!

    Develop a life-long love of learning

    Montessori works in every setting for the success of each child. Montessori helps parents develop children who are morally, emotionally, and behaviorally prepared for the real world. Our teachers help children follow their interests and passions to develop strong skills in academics, leaderships, self-discipline, responsibility, independence, and initiative. The child’s education is hands-on, self-paced, collaborative, and joyful – everything that’s needed to create a lifelong learner and doer.

    Freedom to learn at your pace

    Children have freedom to choose their work throughout the day during an uninterrupted three-hour work cycle and a pm work cycle. Students choose work from various areas of the classroom: practical life, sensorial, math, language and culture. Science is also a very important component of children’s work in the Montessori envirionment. The work within the Montessori classroom is authentic and purposeful – the works are developmentally and foster independence.

    Ongoing training

    In addition to their degree(s) in early childhood and elementary education, our teachers also hold Montessori credentials and are trained guides. Association of Montessori Internationale standards are the standards that guide our work and keep us on path as a quality Montessori school. 4 of our certified staff members are Association of Montessori Internationale diploma holders. In addition to those staff, 7 certified teachers are enrolled in AMI summer training where they have completed two summers of coursework at various training centers across the United States. They will return to their training center during summer 2019 to take their international exams and graduate, at which time they will become AMI diploma holders.

    Our learning environments are:

    • The child’s environment
    • Collaborative
    • Developmentally appropriate
    • Proportionate to the child
    • Purposeful
    • Self-paced

    Students develop:

    • Concentration
    • Independence
    • Initiative
    • Leadership skills
    • Lifelong love of learning
    • Responsibility
    • Self-discipline

    Students have the freedom to:

    • Explore for themselves
    • Learn to be self-motivated learners
    • Work at their own pace