• About Longfellow Elementary

    Longfellow Elementary Building

    Nestled in the historic Longfellow neighborhood, Longfellow Elementary is a neighborhood school in the KCPS program with strong parent and community support and a focus on social awareness.

    We emphasize the total development of each child: moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being by fostering positive relationships with students and staff. It is our goal to have parents, teachers and community members consistently involved in the students’ learning.

    In the forefront of technology and innovation.

    Longfellow follows the standard KCPS curriculum with a highly technology and innovative curriculum. This aim is to transform the school to drive teacher success and student achievement. Students are consistently taught the methods and benefits of becoming community leaders.

    Resourceful, critical thinkers.

    At Longfellow, our vision is to equip students to be resourceful, critical thinking who will make a positive change in their community.

    A community-driven school.

    Longfellow is a more than a neighborhood school, it is a community-driven school where diversity is embraced. With experienced educators and a desire to see every child grow and learn, Longfellow offers neighborhood families a quality school where every student matters.

    Student Activities & Programs:

    • Free Pre-K Program
    • Free Before & After School Care
    • National Elementary Honors Society
    • Spelling Bee
    • Junior Achievement
    • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
    • DARE
    • Freedom Hoops Basketball
    • KC Young Audiences
    • Lead to Read
    • Running Club
    • One Race March

    Meet Longfellow Elementary's Principal

    Principal Dr. Jimmie Bullard Dr. Jimmie Bullard 

    Dr. Jimmie Bullard has over 20 years of experience in the field of urban education. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master's of Education in Guidance and Counseling from Lincoln University. She completed her Master's in School Administration from William Woods University and later pursued further studies at the University of Missouri, Kansas City where she earned a Doctorate in Urban Leadership and Administration.

    Dr. Bullard taught second through sixth grade at J.S. Chick Elementary School and the African Centered Education Collegium Campus (ACECC). 

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    Longfellow Community Partners

    Longfellow is revolutionizing elementary education through a highly experienced network of community partnerships and volunteers. Our Community Partners commit their time, talents and efforts to raise academic achievement and the social/emotional consciousness of our students.

    We work with community professionals to visit classes and share with our students what they do and how they impact the community. Volunteers share about their job experiences, interesting projects and what it takes to earn their degree. Volunteers from Hallmark serve regularly within the school offering students in need of study buddies. In addition, they support our One Race March and provide a field trip grant for our classrooms throughout the year.



    History of Longfellow Elementary

    Nestled within the Longfellow neighborhood, Longfellow Elementary was built in the 1890s and the south side of the building opened to service the students of the Longfellow community. The area which, currently serving as the library, was at one time a kindergarten room and the fireplace was used to heat the room. The building was renovated in 1958 to accommodate even more students. Over the years, Longfellow has seen many uses including serving as a performing arts school and now neighborhood elementary.