• About Troost Elementary School

    troost elementary school

    At Troost Elementary School, our teachers, administrators and staff strive to provide the best culture and environment each day for every student and their parents. As one of KCPS’ neighborhood schools, we work diligently to provide academic assistance for every student in our school.

    Troost teachers and staff think outside the box to find innovative and unique ways to support student needs. Plus, our staff parent assistance on how to encourage their child’s school career. Parents are invited to participate whenever possible – volunteer, help within the classroom, join on field trips, eat lunch with their child, work on class projects, etc. In turn, Troost staff build long-term bonds with students over the years, and parents trust the staff.

    Develop a life-long love of learning Every day, our goal is to provide a culture where students can develop a life-long love of learning. As a one-to-one school, every student at Troost has his/her own technology device, allowing teachers to use innovative teaching opportunities to bring lessons to life.

    Activities to make school fun and challenging Community partnerships are very important at Troost. Organizations support our school by providing volunteers who assist every day with programs and activities to help make school both fun and challenging to all of our students.

    Student Activities & Programs:

    • Free Before & After School Care
    • Mentoring Programs
    • National Elementary Honor Society
    • Junior Achievement
    • Boy Scouts
    • Girl Scouts
    • Chess
    • Basketball
    • LINC
    • My Very Own Library
    • Literacy Lab
    • Huddle Up School
    • Positive Behavior Initiative School