• school Phillis Wheatley

    Phillis Wheatley Elementary is a comprehensive community elementary school serving over 300 students in Kindergarten through sixth grade, with the full spectrum of special education programs and services for English Language Learning students. The school has 32 full-time certified staff and 12 non-certified instruction staff. In addition to serving students within a defined geographic area, it also serves as a site for special needs students in early childhood through sixth grade. 
    The two-floor building was opened in 1955 and later designated as a science/math magnet school in 1987 in response to a federal school desegregation order. An additional wing was added to the building in 1989 to house new laboratory facilities and an expansive library. In 1999, Phillis Wheatley changed from the science magnet theme back to the comprehensive community neighborhood school.
    It is the belief of the Phillis Wheatley Learning Community that school is a place where everyone comes together to promote learning. Teachers work as a team. They serve as instructional mentors to the students. Parents are our partners. A vital partnership is created between the home and school that is strengthened by active participation.