• Whittier Elementary


     The school was named for the American poet and writer John Greenleaf Whittier. The original Whittier Elementary School was built in1889 and was located on the west end of what is now our lower playground.  It had several additions, and in 1922 held 1,016 students.  Our current building was dedicated in 1958, at which time the original building was torn down.   At various times during its existence this school has been a K – 3, a Pre-K - 6 , a K – 8 and Pre-K – 7 building.  Whittier Elementary celebrated its centennial in 1989, which was attended by many former students and teachers.  In 1996 the building was renovated to how it looks today.
    Whittier is a neighborhood school serving students from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. We have a diverse student population that features many languages and cultures.   Today we have about 500 students enrolled in 21 classrooms. In addition to the core curriculum, the students also receive instruction in art, music, physical education, computer and library.

    Principal: Phillena Layne

    Principal Layne previously served as the Whittier Vice Principal and became the Interim Principal in Fall of 2017. 




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    Address: 1912 Bales Ave. Kansas City MO. 64127

    Phone: 816-418-3850