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    Schedule Changes

    All students must pick up a schedule on the first day of school and attend those classes.

    Many sections of courses are at capacity which will make schedule changes very difficult.

    In some situations, classes and/or teachers in core classes will change at the semester to allow semester electives to fit into a student's schedule.

    Alternate Courses: In many circumstances counselors have had to use one or more alternate courses chosen by students during enrollment.

    If you see one of your alternates in your schedule, it is not an error.

    If you see a problem (error) on your list of course requests, it is best to begin the correction process early. Email your counselor if you notice that you are missing a class that is needed for graduation or you are enrolled in the incorrect level of a course.

    E-mail addresses are at the bottom of this page.

    Possible errors include:

    Not having the correct number of classes or missing a core class

    Duplicate course - a course is scheduled twice or a course you have already taken and passed

    Student failed a class and needs it added to their schedule

    Senior missing a graduation requirement

    Missing a prerequisite or sequence error


    Changed your mind about a class?

    Please follow this procedure:

    • You may contact your counselor by email and they will try to make a change for you. However, the priority will be resolving issues for students who have errors that need to be corrected.
    • At the beginning of the school year, counselors will be involved in district and school meetings and have limited time to address schedule concerns. They will continue to solve scheduling errors but not address other changes until after school begins.
    • Day 1 of school - students attend class on their schedule - only students with missing classes will be seen by the counseling staff.

    Schedule Change Request Forms will be available at the table outside the Counseling Office beginning at Orientation.

    The last day to submit a Schedule Change Form is

    the 4th day of classes (3:00PM)

    Students must continue to attend classes listed on their schedule until they receive a new schedule

    In case of an emergency, contact the main office at 418-3000.

    Counselor Contacts:
    Mark Kover    grades 6 - 9
    Gretchen Steffen   grades 10 - 12   A through G
    Nyree Smith   grades 10 - 12   H through Z