Secrets of the sun
    Our Cells
    Forces of Nature
    Dynamic Earth
    One World, One Sky
    Down to Earth
    Oasis in Space
    Two Small Pieces of Glass
    IBEX poster
  • Panterra Theatre

    Check the Planetarium schedule for available showtimes. Fill out the Panterra Theatre request form to reserve the theatre for your classroom.  
    Please note: At this time, the Panterra Theatre is only open to KCPS schools and students. Viewings are limited to 46 persons. Please check back regularly to learn when additional viewing opportunities will be made available to non-KCPS schools and students.   
    The newly renovated state-of-the-art planetarium located on the SWECC campus provides virtual experiences for students in the areas of science, history, geography, math and communication arts. The Kansas City Star published a video that details some of the renovations and finer features of the theatre.
    Using the world's second "SciDome XD," an ultra-high resolution digital display system, students are immersed in 3-dimensional, digital surround-sound worlds: diving into the depths of the ocean, plunging into an active volcano, soaring through outer space, or following the Great Migration across the Serengeti. 
    The core learning tool at the planetarium is the Starry Night K-12 curriculum. The interactive sky simulator replaces the traditional planetarium display, and the accompanying lesson plans correlate to state and national standards. The planetarium coordinator can flexibly adjust the program to teach to classroom learning plans.

    The other learning programs have been selected for their innovative approach to storytelling, breathtaking visuals and the highest production value.  Additionally, each title has an alignment to the Science Grade Level and Course Level Expectations for the state of Missouri. Please see below for the alignment to the Science content strands by title of show: 

     Planetarium Show Title  Science Strand Alignment 
     Astronaut     Universe 
     IBEX     Universe 
     Legends of the Night Sky Universe
     Oasis in Space Universe
     One World, One Sky Universe
     Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens   Universe 
     Secrets of the Sun Universe
     Starry Night Universe
     STARS Universe
     Two Small Pieces of Glass Universe
     Molecularium Matter and Energy 
     Africa: the Serengeti Living Organisms
     Our Cells, Ourselves Living Organisms 
     Dynamic Earth Earth Systems 
     Forces of Nature Earth Systems 
     The Zula Patrol: Down to Earth Earth Systems

    Students in the Kansas City Public Schools are assessed on the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) in grades 5 and 8.  Students who have successfully completed Biology I are assessed on the End of Course Exam.  Each of the content strands mentioned in the table above are assessed on both the MAP and End of Course Exam.   10% to 14% of the questions on the MAP are assigned to each of the four strands identified on the table.   Additionally, for the Biology I EOC, 40% of the points are assigned to the Living Organisms strand.