• School Structure

    Southeast High School will serve neighborhood students living within the attendance boundary, as well as AC Prep (African-centered) students.  AC Prep and neighborhood school students will have separate core classes, but they will share electives and play on the same athletic teams and clubs.  This will allow for greater academic opportunities, increased rigor, and enhanced extra-curricular activities for all Southeast High students.

    School Name, Colors, and Mascot

    In April, a transition team[1] comprised of AC Prep and Southwest (SWECC) students, parents, staff and community members made a recommendation to the Administration to revert to the historical school name, colors and mascot.  Southeast High School.  Home of the Knights.  Scarlett and Light Blue.


    Southeast High School will serve approximately 670 students.  KCPS anticipates approximately 390 students will enroll as neighborhood school students, and approximately 280 will enroll as AC Prep students.
    Expanded Course Offerings and Electives
    Southeast High School will offer more courses and electives than are currently offered at AC Prep and SWECC.  KCPS anticipates more than 40 electives for SY16-17, which include more language offerings, ROTC, Biomedical Science, Adobe/Graphic Design, and Dance.  In addition, Southeast will offer more high-level courses, such as AP courses, including AP Language/Composition and AP American Government.  KCPS has worked to align course offerings and electives with the interests of students at AC Prep, SWECC and Central.

    African-Centered Curriculum

    AC Prep courses will infuse Afro-centered themes into core curriculum.  The African-centered curriculum will be written to align to the KCPS curriculum and the Missouri Learning Standards by KCPS Curriculum Coordinators and an expert, Dr. Mwalimu J. Shujaa[2].  Parents, teachers, and administrators are invited to participate in this process June 13-17.  Dr. Shujaa will return to work with AC Prep teachers and administrators the week of August 1.  The Curriculum Department will provide instructional support throughout SY16-17 and will further evaluate future curriculum and instruction needs.


    Southeast High School will have one principal presiding over the entire building.  In addition, an associate principal will be responsible for the African-Centered program.  Two vice principals will jointly serve all students.  AC Prep students will have one counselor and one secretary.  Neighborhood high school students will also have one counselor and one secretary.
    The Southeast Principal has been hired.  A panel of stakeholders including parents, staff, and community members have selected a highly-qualified candidate.  The panel’s top choice will be announced upon formal approval by the Board of Education. The second round of AC Prep Associate Principal interviews will occur during the week of May 23rd.

    Staff and Coaches

    Current staff from AC Prep and SWECC that will be moving to Southeast High have been notified by Human Capital Management. Interviews for the remaining vacancies have been scheduled.  All coaches have been selected and visited high school lunch periods to talk with students.

    Attendance Boundaries

    AC Prep at Southeast is a signature school and will remain as such.  Any student living within the boundaries of Kansas City Public Schools is allowed to apply to attend AC Prep.  Enrollment is contingent upon meeting admission requirements. 
    Enrollment within the Southeast neighborhood school core classes is available to any student living within the assigned attendance area.
    KCPS is working with students, parents, and staff to determine the uniform policy for Southeast High School.  Currently, AC Prep students are allowed to choose to wear a uniform or professional attire.  Students attending Central Academy of Excellence are required to wear a uniform.  SWECC students do not have a uniform requirement.  The transition team and district administration agree there should be one uniform policy for all students at Southeast High School.  Please give your feedback re: uniforms by completing this survey: www.surveymonkey.com/r/57FC5P2

    Athletics, Activities, and Clubs

    One of the advantages of Southeast High School is the expansion of athletic, activities and club offerings to students.  In the fall, Southeast will offer Cross Country (Boys/Girls), Volleyball, Football, Soccer (Boys), Swimming/Diving (Boys), Cheer, and Dance.  Winter sports will include Basketball (Boys and Girls), Swimming (Girls), Wrestling, Cheer, and Dance.  Spring sports to be offered will include Baseball, Track and Field (Boys and Girls), and Soccer (Girls).
    Activities and clubs are still being developed and will not be announced until staffing has been finalized.
    For questions related to athletics and participation, please contact Gene Millentree, KCPS Athletics Director via email at gmillent@kcpublicschools.org or phone (816) 418-8661. 

    Planned Facility Improvements and Renovations

    Southeast High School will receive major facility improvements, some of which are already under construction.  Planned renovations and improvements include: restroom renovations, new flooring and furniture in classrooms, new lighting and paint in hallways and classrooms, air conditioning upgrades, locker room improvements and the creation of team rooms. 

    Parental Involvement

    KCPS has created a transition team for Southeast High to help better understand student, parent and staff needs and concerns. The transition team is made up of parents, students, and staff assigned to attend the school next year, as well as interested community members and school partners.  If you would like to help, please fill out a transition team interest card using this LINK or contact Jamekia Kendrix by email jkendrix@kcpublicschools.org or phone (816) 418-7568.


    [1] Transition teams are school-based volunteer groups that include staff, parents, students, and community partners.  Transition teams develop simple transition plans. Transition teams help disseminate master plan information, promote parental and community participation in events and activities, advise district administration, and set and work to achieve transition goals for their school. 
    [2] Mwalimu J. Shujaa is a professor and dean of the College of Education and Human Development at Southern University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He holds an EdD in anthropology of education from the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Dr. Shujaa was the founding executive director of the African World Studies Institute at Fort Valley State University in Georgia and successfully led that institution’s effort to launch a degree program in African World Studies. His scholarly interests focus on the intersections between schooling, education, and culture; African-centered education; and educational policy.