About African-Centered Prep Elementary

  • accpa elementary

    African-Centered College Prep focuses on college readiness as well as teaching the rich history of African and African-American people and culture to give students the opportunity to drive their own success. Research shows that when a student knows their heritage, they are more likely to take pride in their performance and demonstrate improved behavior. AC Prep teaches there’s more to black history than just slavery, it provides a glimpse into life before slavery.

    Along with a rigorous college prep academic curriculum, AC Prep teaches principals of Ma’at and the Nguzo Saba focusing on self-esteem, empowerment, responsible citizenship, along with the classical views of traditional African society. 

    Students have the opportunity to experience a wide-range of activities and school events, including middle school sports.



    • Cultural Arts:
      • Dance
      • Drumming
      • Visual Arts
    • Student Council
    • Detroit/Motown Performance
    • Greenhouse
    • STEAM Makers Room
    • Pylons Gifted Program  
    • Middle School Sports

    School Events:

    • Mothers & Muffins
    • Dad’s Breakfast
    • Kwanzaa Assembly
    • Kwanzaa Market
    • Kindergarten Graduation
    • Ancestor’s Day
    • Black Star Steam Line Project 
    • In-house Spelling Bee
    • Science Fair
    • Swamp Eco-System Project