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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to enroll?

For the first step of the application process, we need parent/guardian information (name, address, phone number, email address, birth date), school year, number of students enrolling, student name, student birth date, student gender, student grade, student needed services, previous schools attended, and school choices. Once complete, you will receive an email confirming your application.


How long does it take to enroll?

The initial application process takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Once seats are offered, the registration process will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete, including uploading documentation and finalizing contact information.


How can I complete the application if I don’t have a computer or internet?

The application can be completed on a smart phone, tablet or Chromebook. We highly recommend completing the application via Google Chrome. Parents who do not have internet access at home can get support and apply through the Office of Admissions at the KCPS Board of Education building, which is located at 2901 Troost Ave. in Kansas City, Mo. The Office of Admissions will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


What are my options if I miss the February deadline?

You can still apply! Applications received after the February deadline will be put on a wait list on a first come, first-served basis. If you have questions about timing, please contact our Admissions Office at (816) 418-7505 or


Can I apply to more than one school?

Yes! You are automatically enrolled in your neighborhood school. After you complete the initial application, you can log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal to then apply for up to three Signature Schools for each student.


I’m a current KCPS family, how to I apply to a signature school?

Current KCPS families can quickly apply for a signature school or other academic programs through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account. Simply log into Infinite Campus, go to More > School Choice. Click the “Schools” and “Programs” you want to apply to and click “Complete”. You will need to formally accept the offered seat in the portal by the deadline.


We are a current KCPS family but want to enroll in preschool/kindergarten?

If you are a current KCPS family (have other students currently enrolled in KCPS) and have a student ready to enroll in preschool or kindergarten, you can easily add another student right in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account. Log into your account, go to More > Online Registration and follow the steps to add a new student. Complete the process by clicking “Finish Registration”.


I have enrolled my student, now what?

Once you have completed the initial application to enroll your student in KCPS, you must then activate your Infinite Campus Parent account. Once activated, you can apply for admittance to KCPS signature schools and other programs through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.


I have applied for a signature school, is the process complete?

Once you have applied for a signature school through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, students will be notified via email of admissions status within two days of application (for some schools, final admission status is not determined until after an audition or lottery). Once you receive notification your student is offered a seat, you must accept the seat in Infinite Campus before the deadline.


Can my student enroll at any grade?

Students may enter our Neighborhood Schools at any grade level. For our Signature Schools, each school has different entrance requirements. For Foreign Language Academy and Carver Dual Language School, students may enter at kindergarten. After kindergarten, students must demonstrate grade-level proficiency in the foreign language. For Border Star Montessori and Harold Holliday, Sr. Montessori, students are welcome to join the school in Pre-K age 3, Pre-K age 4 or kindergarten. After kindergarten, students must have prior Montessori experience.


Who can attend a Signature School?

Any student who lives within the Kansas City Public Schools attendance boundary and meets the school’s enrollment requirements can attend a Signature School.


Who can help me determine the best school for my child?

You can reach out to the Office of Admissions at (816) 418-7505 or you are welcome to call our Student Recruiter Tonoa Foster, (816) 383-9237.


Can I accept more than one seat?

While you may receive offers to multiple schools, you can only accept one choice. Once you accept your seat, the spaces in the other schools will be released to other potential students.


How can I get help enrolling?

Parents who need assistance can get support by calling the Office of Admissions at (816) 418-7505 or visiting our Board of Education building at 2901 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


What help is available for families who don’t speak English?

The Language Services and Cultural Equity department provides resources and opportunities for English Learners (ELs) and their families. For assistance with enrollment or other EL needs, please contact Language Services at (816) 418-5288 or visit our website at


My child has special needs, can we still apply?

Yes, all our schools offer special education support for students. If you are interested in a Signature School, please contact the school of your choice to speak directly with the academic team for details around enrollment. You can also reach out to our Special Education department at (816) 418-5239 for details regarding services available.


Why choose three school options?

Upon application, you will indicate your first, second and third choice for schools. If you do not receive an offer for your first option, you will have the option to add your name on the waitlist or, if a seat is available, accept your second choice. If seats are not available for the second choice, you will have the option to add your name on the waitlist or accept the offered seat for the third-choice option.


What’s the best browser to use to enroll?

KCPS strongly recommends using Google Chrome to enroll and to access your Infinite Campus Account.


How can I access my Infinite Campus Account?

If you don’t have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account, contact the KCPS Help Desk at (816) 418-HELP (4357) between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, for assistance.