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Blueprint 2030: Help KCPS Set Goals for the Future

We’re asking staff members, students, parents/guardians and others to join us in providing feedback by participating in our Thoughtexchange platform. This is an opportunity for our stakeholders to offer their responses to questions about the future of our schools.

Celebrate Our 2021 School Teachers of the Year

The 2021 Kansas City Public Schools Teacher of the Year Recognition Program honors the educators who structure their classrooms to increase performance and provide exceptional experiences, no matter what.

KCPS Board of Education (BOE)

Families who applied for kindergarten, pre-K or a Signature School by the initial deadline of Monday, Feb. 15, received emails Wednesday, March 3 with offers to their first, second or third choice school.

Zoom Across America

The Greater Kansas City Links Chapter is partnering with school systems across the metro to host Zoom reading sessions for kindergarten - third grade students in honor of Read Across America Week, the nation’s largest celebration of reading.

Uniform Policy

Beginning with the kindergarten class of 2000-2001, students of the Kansas City Public Schools will be required to dress in uniforms. There will be a yearly implementation process in which one additional grade per year will adhere to this requirement, until the year 2013, when all students in all grades will be dressed in uniforms. 

However, the KCPS School Board recognizes that, during the transition, each student’s dress and grooming are generally personal matters of choice for the student and the student’s parents or guardians. Such student’s dress and grooming while at school must conform to the following general standards:

  • A student’s grooming and dress must contribute to and support a school environment conducive to instruction, learning and good citizenship.
  • A student should be clean and neat in his or her personal dress and grooming.
  • A student’s clothing must properly cover the private parts of the body.
  • A student’s dress and grooming must not distract the student or others from learning or otherwise disrupt the educational process or create a risk to students’ health or safety.

Student dress and grooming will be the responsibility of each student and his or her parents subject to the following specific guidelines:

  • Shirts, blouses and other tops must meet the waistband of pants, skirts, shorts or the other bottom attire. Tube tops, halter tops, low-cut tops and clothing with a bare midriff are prohibited.
  • Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. Clothing such as transparent or see-through clothing that reveals any private part of the body is prohibited.
  • Caps, bandannas, hats and sunglasses may not be worn inside the building during regular school hours.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing that may cause damage to persons or property including, for example, cleated boots are prohibited.
  • Clothing or jewelry that displays obscene, vulgar or pornographic words or images that advertises or promotes illegal uses of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products or acts of violence is prohibited.
  • Clothing normally worn when participating in a school-sponsored extracurricular or sports activity may be worn to school when approved by the sponsor or coach. Examples include: cheerleader outfits, drill team and band uniforms, team shirts and the like.

School administrators may allow exception in special circumstances including, but not limited to, medical or religious needs, holidays or special performances, and may further prescribe dress in certain classes such as physical education, vocational classes and science labs.

The superintendent or designee may adopt additional dress code restrictions as needed. All dress code procedures will adhere to health and safety codes and comply with applicable law. No procedure will impose dress and grooming rules based on gender in violation of Title IX. KCPS procedures will specifically define ambiguous terms, and examples will be provided when practicable.

Elementary students are required to wear a school uniform while attending school or any school sponsored event. High school students whose schools do not have an established uniform policy will be required to follow the dress code expectations listed below:

  • Clothing and accessories that display statements, signs, or pictures with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, violent themes, sexual innuendos, inappropriate language, inappropriate slogans, or references to gang affiliations will not be permitted.
  • Examples of school dress that are NOT PERMISSIBLE include: backless, bare midriff or spaghetti strap garments; half shirts; halter tops; ripped or torn clothing that promotes inappropriate exposure (including side less “muscle” shirts); sunglasses; mesh tops; tube tops; spandex or underwear worn as outer garments or worn in such a matter as to promote inappropriate exposure and sleepwear.
  • Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at waist level. (No sagging will be permitted).
  • Any item that presents a safety concern (chains, spikes, dangerous jewelry, safety pins, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • As a matter of accepted practice and courtesy, hats are not to be worn in the hallways and classrooms. This includes stocking caps, scarves, bandanas, headbands, sweatbands and other headwear. Headgear must be kept in a locker or bag during the school day unless of a religious nature.
  • Hats and long and/or large coats should be stored in lockers before the bell for first hour sounds.
  • The school may restrict any student from attending classes or school activities when that student’s dress, general appearance and/or conduct creates safety, health and/or discipline problems.
  • Students found in violation of the approved dress code will be subject to disciplinary action

Uniform Policy By School

African-Centered College Preparatory Academy Lower Campus

Uniforms: K thru 2nd – Green polos & khaki bottoms
3rd thru 5th – Red polos & khaki bottoms
6th thru 7th – Black & khaki bottoms
8th – Black Polos & black bottoms
Shirts are to be solid short- or long-sleeves. Bottoms can be pants, skirt, jumper, or shorts. No denim is allowed.

Benjamin Banneker Elementary, Border Star Montessori, Faxon Elementary, Garfield Elementary, George Melcher Elementary, Gladstone Elementary, Hale Cook Elementary, J.A. Rogers Elementary, James Elementary, John T. Hartman Elementary, Longfellow Elementary, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, Phillis Wheatley Elementary, Pitcher Elementary, Primitivo Garcia Elementary, Trailwoods Elementary, Troost Elementary, Wendell Phillips Elementary, Whittier Elementary

Solid white or navy blue short or long-sleeved shirt (must have a collar or turtleneck). Tan (khaki) or navy blue pants, skirt, jumper, or shorts. No denim is allowed.

Carver Dual Language Academy

Khaki pants, shorts, jumpers and navy polo with collar for uniform shirt. No denim is allowed.

Central Middle School

Solid tan (khaki) or solid navy dress pants, skirt, or shorts. No denim.
Solid white or solid navy polo or dress shirt with a collar or turtleneck (long or short sleeves).
Solid white or solid navy sweater or sweatshirt on top of uniform shirt.
House shoes, sandals and flipflops are not permitted. Headgear including hats, bandannas, scarves, shower caps, stocking caps, do-rags, hair nets, bonnets and hoods (headwear for religious reasons is permitted) will not be permitted. Clothing and accessories that display statements, signs, or pictures with alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, weapons, violent themes, sexual innuendos, inappropriate language, inappropriate slogans or references to gang affiliations will not be permitted. Coats, heavy jackets and blankets used as sweaters are not to be worn during the school day.

Harold Holliday, Sr. Montessori

Solid red, navy, light blue short or long-sleeved shirts (must have a collar or turtleneck), white blouses for girls. Tan (khaki) or navy blue pants, skirt, jumper, or shorts. Denim jeans or shorts on Fridays with a school spirit shirt.

Foreign Language Academy

Solid white, black, red, gray, light blue or navy blue polos with short or long-sleeves (must have a collar). Black, tan (khaki) or navy blue pants, skirt, jumper or shorts. No denim is allowed.