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Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together Education and Engagement Framework is to support sustained, strategic and intentional engagement with KCPS students, families, staff and community. Moving Forward Together arises out of the Blueprint 2030 Strategic Planning community engagement sessions. A common theme existed at the conclusion of the more than 50 engagement sessions – KCPS needs to better inform its community about academics, district programs, and internal and external influences that impact KCPS academic, financial and facility decisions.

The Moving Forward Together education and engagement framework will focus on the areas of:

  1. Academic/Student Performance;
  2. Safe Schools;
  3. Enrollment/Marketing;
  4. Educational Landscape;
  5. Economic Development;
  6. General Obligation Bonds.

Moving Forward Together will:

  • Minimize potential long-term harm to KCPS (i.e. loss of students, increased distrust with the community, increase potential for even greater number of school closures)
  • Leverage and maximize the interest in KCPS current and future by building stronger connections with KCPS stakeholders
  • Build trust with families, staff, and community through sustained and meaningful engagement
  • Educate, empower and elevate the voices of students, staff, family and community to increase advocacy for KCPS
  • Work toward solutions in a transparent, authentic, and collaborative manner
  • Begin developing real solutions for buildings that may need to close (as to minimize adding to blight in neighborhoods)


Moving Forward Together will be overseen by a taskforce and smaller committees that will focus on educating and engaging constituents about the critical areas/issues that impact the well-being of KCPS and its students. 

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