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Partners in Education

Partners In Education

Potential School/Community Partners should contact the PIE Office to complete an Interest Form to begin the process.

If you are interested in partnering with KCPS contact Ernestine Key at:


The Office of Partners in Education (PIE) exists to identify, develop and manage partnerships that sponsor educational opportunities that benefit KCPS student, families and employees while coordinating with community organizations and leaders to build additional resources and increase the capacity of KCPS. In collaboration with community partners and Kansas City Public Schools leadership, PIE ensures that the needs and strengths of every student are known and partner services are differentiated to support students’ academic and social-emotional growth and success.

Areas of Focus Include:

Partners in Education

Partnership Types

We know that navigating District processes and systems is often difficult for partners and school staff. Please see an overview of common KCPS partnership types supported or managed via the Office of PIE:

  • Personal Services Contracts- contract between the district/schools and an outside partner organization where there is an exchange of money for services on the part of an individual, group or organization. These type of partnership/vendor contracts are managed via the KCPS Purchasing Office and interested parties should begin their work.
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) – District-wide agreement between KCPS and an outside partnering organization where no money is changing hands (the organization is bringing their own resources) and meets specific criteria including, but not limited to:
    • Must have nonprofit, tax exempt, or business license
    • Medical/behavioral health services
    • Parental consent for service (waiver must be provided for exemption)
    • Transportation to/from service site
    • Data Sharing/Exchange
    • Higher Education Institution (may include Research interests)
    • Multi-year agreement
    • Staff and/or volunteers will have direct, unsupervised contact with students
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) - KCPS offers a full suite of career and technical education pathways and programs for our students and families. Manual Career and Technical Center, along with each of the district’s high schools, offers specific pathways for our students. Students and families are encouraged to explore the pathways and think about how these opportunities can bolster the student experience. At KCPS, we produce students who are ready for college, internships, careers and life. Partnership opportunities include:

    • Job Shadowing
    • Guest Speaking
    • Career Mentoring
    • Client Connected Projects
    • Internships
    • Advisory Committee Membership

    More information about these partnerships can be found here:

Volunteers of KCPS