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New KCPS Student Code of Conduct Changes

The Board of Directors approved new KCPS Student Code of Conduct language at the June 23 business meeting. With these updates and changes, KCPS becomes a leader in advanced code of conduct language through a trauma-informed and equity lens. 

The year-long revision process included representatives from all stakeholder groups: Teachers, Counselors, Security Officers, Trauma Sensitive Clinicians, Transportation Department, Principals, Assistant Superintendents, Teacher Union Representative, Community Members, Parents and Students.

Highlights of the new Code of Conduct include:

  • Overall language in the code of conduct changed from punitive language to more positive and restorative language
  • Preparing for success, mindfulness, and affirmation section was added
  • A learner Bill of Rights was added
  • Dress code section was revised to reflect more respectful, inclusive language. Removed oppressive language. Removed the ban of wearing hats and hoodies. Included statement which says that learners will not be discriminated against based on gender expression through dress, and that no learner shall be given an out of school suspension for dress code non-compliance.
  • Revised suspension guidelines to include trauma-sensitive language and restorative practice focus. Any student suspended must receive a re-integration meeting where interventions and teaching of replacement behavior plan is discussed with student and families.
  • No Suspensions are allowed for students in PreK-5 for behaviors in Group I, II and III. Group IV and V are behaviors that involve students causing harm to self, others or in violation of law.

The new Student Code of Conduct will be implemented for the 2021-22 school year.