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A KCPS logo over the words outstanding administrators in blue text

Congratulations to Dr. Jimmie Bullard, Bridgette Crutchfield and Romanda Franklin-Hamilton! These principals were recognized as Outstanding Administrators at the June 8, 2022, KCPS Board of Directors meeting.

Lincoln Prep Debaters Compete Nationally

Nadia Richard finished as a semi-finalist in Student Congress at the NCFL Grand National Tournament. Sophia Herrera is the reigning back-to-back Debate Kansas City Congressional Champion.

Three women who are nurses wearing black shirts that say "making a difference' with the KCPS logo.

KCPS rolled out the red carpet for National Nurses Week, clapping and cheering for our school nurses as they arrived at the Board of Education for their appreciation lunch.

KCPS orchestra students perform at the KCPS Fine Arts Showcase on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

"In schools, children need to have a place of belonging. They need to know they're accepted. They have to find their niche, that thing they’re good at,” said KCPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Collier.

KCPS Scholar Superstars are Smart — and Kind

Congratulations to KCPS students Shaolin Britton, Marie Horne, Vallencia Jones and Gabrelle Cason! These exceptional students were recognized as Scholar Superstars at the June 8, 2022, Board of Directors meeting.


Central Middle School

A group of smiling people in a board room. The young woman in the center holds a certificate.

Scholar Superstar Marie Horne was recognized at the June 8, 2022, KCPS Board of Directors meeting.

“Marie is an outstanding artist and has worked hard on learning how to finish what she starts in art. This accomplishment has lead her to win first place in the KCPS Fine Arts Showcase. She was also a grand prize winner in the district envelope contest,” teacher Bonnye Brown wrote in nominating Marie. “Marie has a beautiful personality and has blossomed as an artist and as a student this this year. She loves to read and is an excellent student in art class. I have no doubt that she will continue doing great things in high school.”

Congratulations, Marie!


Central Middle School

“Shaolin is a model student for his other classmates. His natural curiosity, critical thinking, and relationship skills are advanced well beyond his years,” City Year Impact Manager Eli Parker wrote in nominating Shaolin. “He has made honor roll every single quarter and grown exponentially throughout the year. I am going to encourage him to run for student council next school year because he wants to make Central Middle School a better place for all students. I'm grateful to have had him in my class.”

Congratulations, Shaolin!


Primitivo Garcia Elementary

A young student in a pretty rainbow dress holds a certificate. The people standing around her smile proudly.

Scholar Superstar Vallencia Jones was recognized at the June 8, 2022, KCPS Board of Directors meeting.

“Vallencia is an amazing scholar and a model student. She excels academically in all content areas. In addition to being an amazing scholar, Vallencia also has wonderful behavior in the classroom,” teacher Bethanie Pagel wrote in nominating Vallencia. “Vallencia participates in class and is always up for a challenge. During math, she helps show her classmates how to work through problems on the board. Vallencia is a strong leader and has a bright future ahead of her.”

Congratulations, Vallencia!


Hartman Elementary

A proud student in a red dress holds up a certificate. Her extended family surrounds her. They are all smiling proudly.

Scholar Superstar Gabrelle Cason was recognized at the June 8, 2022, KCPS Board of Directors meeting.

Have you heard a KCPS student on KPRS Hot 103 Jamz! and KMJK 107? That’s Gabrelle! Nominated by Jewel Smith, Gabrelle is smart, sweet and, most importantly, doesn't give up when she makes a mistake! We are proud of Gabrelle and the resilience she is learning at Hartman Elementary!

Thank you, Gabrelle, for being the voice of KCPS enrollment — and congratulations on being named KCPS Scholar Superstar!