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'Kick Start to School' Eases Transition for Immigrant Families

A woman raises her hand in a colorful classroom. Flags of many countries hang from the ceiling.

At the first-ever 'Kick Start to School,' KCPS invited immigrant and refugee families to a special orientation at the International Welcome Center.

This week, KCPS hosted the first-ever “Kick Start to School” to introduce immigrant and refugee families to our classrooms.

Students spent three days at the International Welcome Center engaged in fun English and math lessons. They learned important school routines and practiced logging into their district devices. Middle and high school students even took a field trip on the Metro to learn how to use the city’s public bus system.

“It was wonderful to see them learning, laughing and making new friends,” said Allyson Hile, KCPS Director of Language Services and Cultural Equity. “We are ready to start this school year!”

While students attended the Kick Start program, parents received an education orientation on the U.S. school system.

KCPS opened the International Welcome Center last year to make it easier for immigrant and refugee families to access community resources. By offering support to parents in the same space where their children attend school, KCPS empowers families to learn together.

The first day of school is Aug. 22.