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¡Si Se Puede! Announcing 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Art Contest Winners

The KCPS Board of Directors recognized the winners of our "¡Si Se Puede!" Hispanic Heritage Month art contest at the Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, meeting. Each winner received a $100 Visa gift card.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all the students who participated and the teachers who encouraged them!


Halima Idris, Garfield Elementary

A child's drawing with colored pencil with the words Si Se Puede and three women in different styles of dress.


A photo of a student in a green hijab and red coat holding her artwork. She is with her art teacher and principal, smiling.

Halima Idris is a third grader at Garfield Elementary. Her family is from Kenya, she is Muslim, and she dreams of becoming an artist.

“I drew this picture for ‘¡Si Se Puede!’ because I want other people to know about my culture and other cultures,” she told the Board.

Halima is pictured here with her art teacher, Ms. Blake, and Garfield Principal Dr. Amicone.


Jay’Lyiana Rose​, Banneker Elementary

Drawing, woman in a pink skirt with a rose and flags of different countries.


A student holds up her Si Se Puede certificate. She is surrounded by her teachers. They are all smiling proudly.

Jay’Lyiana Rose is a fifth grader at Banneker Elementary. She loves animals, nature, dancing and cooking. She recently won her family’s cookie decorating contest!

“The reason why I drew my art is because my last name is Rose,” Jay’Lyiana said. “I think roses are the most beautiful things in the world.”

She is pictured with her teacher, Ms. Smith; art teacher Ms. Castaneda; and Banneker Vice Principal Mr. Wren.


Valencia Aranda, Foreign Language Academy

A digital art portrait of a woman in blue with big hoop earrings.


A photo of a student with long black hair holding a certificate. She is standing with her vice principal, who is smiling.

Valencia Aranda is an eighth grader at Foreign Language Academy. She recently received a tablet and has spent countless hours doing digital art. She chose to draw Mexican pop star Selena.

Valencia is pictured here with FLA Vice Principal Sra. Aguirre-Hill.


Fatima Tejada, Northeast High School

Hispanic Heritage Month image with a Catrina and banners with the words Si Se Puede!


A smiling young woman stands between her teachers with a certificate. They are all smiling.

Fatima Tejada is a junior at Northeast High School. She loves art and recently participated in her school’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. It is her second year in the United States.

“I didn’t have any idea what to draw, but I took inspiration on the phrase ‘¡Si Se Puede!’” Fatima told the Board. “One of the places I used to live was in the north of Mexico, Monterray, and I loved the colors there.”

She is pictured here with Library Media Specialist Sra. Truax and NEHS Vice Principal Egli.