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A KCPS logo over the words outstanding administrators in blue text

Congratulations to Dr. Jimmie Bullard, Bridgette Crutchfield and Romanda Franklin-Hamilton! These principals were recognized as Outstanding Administrators at the June 8, 2022, KCPS Board of Directors meeting.

Lincoln Prep Debaters Compete Nationally

Nadia Richard finished as a semi-finalist in Student Congress at the NCFL Grand National Tournament. Sophia Herrera is the reigning back-to-back Debate Kansas City Congressional Champion.

Three women who are nurses wearing black shirts that say "making a difference' with the KCPS logo.

KCPS rolled out the red carpet for National Nurses Week, clapping and cheering for our school nurses as they arrived at the Board of Education for their appreciation lunch.

KCPS orchestra students perform at the KCPS Fine Arts Showcase on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

"In schools, children need to have a place of belonging. They need to know they're accepted. They have to find their niche, that thing they’re good at,” said KCPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Collier.

Thank You to Jewish Vocational Service, Community Champion

A woman holding a glass award stands between two men in a board room. They are all smiling.

KCPS Superintendent Mark Bedell, left, JVS Youth Program Manager Meaghan Fanning and Board Chair Nate Hogan at the June 8, 2022, Board of Directors meeting.

Congratulations to Jewish Vocational Service, recognized as a Community Champion by the KCPS Board of Directors!

We started the Community Champion award to recognize partners and express gratitude for the sustained and extraordinary services they provide to our schools and system.Through the highs and lows of refugee resettlement and punitive domestic and foreign policies, JVS has provided critical services and support to our most under-served students and communities. JVS has been an integral part of opening the KCPS International Welcome Center. When schools and departments need interpretation and translation, we turn to JVS. Together, we work to identify and address gaps in services to create programming that is responsive to community needs. 

When hundreds of Afghan families made Kansas City their home, JVS partnered with KCPS to host hotel school and mobile enrollment. When we enrolled over 20 Afghan girls at East High School that had never had the opportunity to go to school, the JVS team created and continues to lead a support group for them to ensure they are comfortable and successful. As more unaccompanied youth from Central America have fled to Kansas City, JVS created a team dedicated to supporting those students and their educational goals by partnering with KCPS staff and schools. 

"Every parent I've talked to has said they're here for their kids and their education," Meaghan Fanning, JVS Youth Program Manager, told the school board as she accepted the Community Champion award on behalf of her organization.

Truly we would not be able to do this work without Jewish Vocational Service and their commitment to our students. They are a true Community Champion. Thank you, JVS, for partnering with our school district.