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Celebrate Our 2021 School Teachers of the Year

The 2021 Kansas City Public Schools Teacher of the Year Recognition Program honors the educators who structure their classrooms to increase performance and provide exceptional experiences, no matter what.

KCPS Board of Education (BOE)

Families who applied for kindergarten, pre-K or a Signature School by the initial deadline of Monday, Feb. 15, received emails Wednesday, March 3 with offers to their first, second or third choice school.

KCPS Celebrates Church As Community Champion

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent Mark Bedell honored Friendship Baptist Church as a Community Champion during a School Board meeting on Wednesday evening, Dec. 9.

KCPS Taps Trio As Terrific Teammates

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent Mark Bedell recognized the following staff members as Terrific Teammates during a School Board meeting Wednesday evening, Dec. 9.

KCPS Honors Six Students As Scholar Superstars

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent Mark Bedell recognized the following students as Scholar Superstars during a virtual School Board meeting Wednesday evening, Dec. 10.

KCPS Seeking Feedback from Families with Thoughtexchange

We want to stay connected and hear your questions and ideas about how we should move forward during this pandemic and in this educational landscape. With that in mind, we're asking KCPS families for five minutes today and another five minutes tomorrow to help us plan for the future. Please join our “Thoughtexchange” today to share your thoughts and questions.

Pivot International Donates 7,000 Shields to KCPS

Pivot International, a Lenexa, KS-based global leader in product design, development, and manufacturing, has partnered with Kansas City Public Schools to enhance maximal protection for students and staff with a gift of 7,000 safety shields.

Two School Leaders Earn Outstanding Administrator Awards

Raymond Weikal

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent Mark Bedell recognized the following school leaders as Outstanding Administrators during a virtual School Board meeting on Wednesday evening, Dec. 9.

Leah Starr

Leah Starr is the Principal at Trailwoods Elementary School.  

According to multiple nominations, Ms. Starr always makes students her top priority. She constantly makes home visits to students, consistently reaches out for community resources to make our students' home-lives better, and fosters a community feeling that the entire school community are all in this together. She leads with the philosophy that no matter what, we will always do what is best for our students.

Ms. Starr also nurtures a positive and welcoming workplace for the Trailwoods team. She allows her staff to come up with solutions to problems that work best for their school. She consistently asks for feedback and takes staff concerns to heart. Her door is always open, she is willing to answer phone calls late into the night, and she ends each meeting with how much she appreciates staff. She is always willing to try new strategies, and has taught our staff how to use data and best practices as the driving force of instruction.

She never makes a decision without valuing the opinions and concerns of those involved. The school’s attendance rate demonstrates how much the students feel valued and want to be at Trailwoods.  They can feel how much they are cared about, they trust the staff, and they feel safe at school.   

Not only does she care about making Trailwoods a better community, she also works hard to make all of KCPS the best it can be, serving on equity teams, and encouraging us to have tough conversations about what is and isn't serving our kids.  

“She values and cares for her staff, she is the epitome of a true educator, and leads with the philosophy that we are all in this for the students best interest.”

Outstanding Administrator Nomination

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy is the Vice Principal at Carver Dual Language Elementary. 

This is Mr. Murphy’s first year as a VP and he is already proving to be among the best school leaders in KCPS. We are very proud of the fact that he is a product of our “grow-your-own” school leadership initiative, having served with distinction for several years as a teacher at Carver Dual Language. 

Mr. Murphy goes above and beyond to help everyone in the Carver Dual Language community. He provides students with materials and assistance they need to be successful learners. He supports teachers in any way possible. He helps families by connecting them to helpful programs and resources. He does all of this with a positive, caring, and loving heart.  

“He never forgets what being in a classroom means. Always positive, always helping.”

Outstanding Administrator Nomination