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Family Rights and Digital Citizenship

Distance Learning Family Rights - FERPA

During this time of distance learning, school districts still have an obligation to protect the rights and privacy of all students, including Special Education students. To balance the obligation of privacy and learning, this communication is serving as notice that when your child participates in group lessons via video conferencing, their identity will not be confidential to anyone else participating in the group, including adults that may be supporting other children. If you do NOT wish for your child to participate in group lessons via video conferencing, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible.

Digital Citizenship

While students are engaged in distance learning, it is important for families to understand and follow digital citizenship guidelines. Here you will find tips to maintain online learning & at home digital citizenship.

Household Tips:

  • Set time and location limits for tech usage
  • Be consistent about enforcing expectations you have set as a family

Student Tips:

  • No inappropriate content is permitted
  • The device is meant for educational use only
  • Technology is a privilege, not a right

Family Tips:

  • Know when to unplug
  • Model positive online behavior
  • Balance online communication with face-to-face time

Device Tips:

  • Clean your Chromebook with a dry microfiber cloth
  • Do not apply pressure or lay heavy objects on top of the device
  • Respect the property