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Special Education

Our special education instructional team has created a hotline for specific questions regarding instruction for your student. Families can connect directly with a team member or send a text message to 816-406-2959. For all questions regarding other special education issues, please contact Rekaila Payne at 816-418-8941, email us at

Tips for SPED Parents:

As parents, we are all searching for the best ways to help our students during the time that school is closed. Below are several ideas and suggestions of strategies that will help both you and your child successfully navigate the online learning for KCPS.

1. Set aside regular blocks of time for schoolwork each day. Keeping a routine is important!

2. Communicate often with your child’s special education teacher and classroom teacher.

3. Take advantage of the daily co-teaching block online to get support directly from your child’s teachers.

4. Take frequent breaks. Mix work and play. Spend time outdoors whenever possible.

5. Read to and with your child daily. They need the model of your voice as they become fluent readers.

6. Break tasks into smaller chunks. It makes it seem less overwhelming.

7. Allow extra time for your child to complete tasks when needed.

8. Limit the number of problems/questions for each activity to 5 for K-2 students and 10 for students in grades 3-6.

9. Use math charts for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

10. Break reading tasks into smaller sections. Paragraph by paragraph or page by page makes the task easier for your child to deal with.

11. Check often to ensure your child understands what he/she is reading. Ask them questions and have them retell the events of the story.

12. Give your child a quiet place to work, one that is free from distractions but allows you to supervise and assist.

13. Allow your child to give answers orally or type them in when writing is a struggle.

14. Read questions and directions to your child so they understand what they are doing.

15. Allow your child to use markers, highlighters, and crayons to circle or underline the important information in the reading or science passages or in math word problems.