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KCPS Board of Education and Non-School-based Staff Re-entry Plan during COVID-19 Pandemic

(Last Updated: 2/11/2021)

BOE Staff Re-entry Plan KCPS Staff COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Education and Non-School-based Staff Re-entry Plan will be operational when staff return to the worksite after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided and public health authorities have deemed it safe to resume on-site work activities. The plan has been developed to provide clear and actionable guidance for safe operations through the prevention, early detection, and control of COVID-19 in the workplace and to promote the safety, health, and welfare of our staff and community. In response to safety concerns related to COVID-19, Kansas City Public Schools shall implement the following Re-entry Plan that will help to mitigate the risk of spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at our worksite(s). To ensure successful and safe re-entry of staff to district work sites, adequate preparation, proper social distancing, daily and consistent use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and implementation of safety practices by every on-site employee must be followed with fidelity. *These procedures apply to other district sites that house “Board of Education” staff. Manual, Satchel Paige, and BOE employees are referred to in this document as “BOE” staff, collectively.

It is important to note that re-entry of any type will be contingent on the transmission status of COVID-19 within our community. We will closely monitor the health condition of our community related to COVID-19, consult the Kansas City Health Department, and observe best practices of other communities who have made decisions to re-enter or to continue to work remotely. If it is deemed that it is unsafe to resume on-site work schedules, we will continue working remotely until it is safe to do so.