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Completers within the Agriculture program will have completed 3 full years of Agriculture instruction in which they focus on urban growing, sustainability, and the relationships that people have with their food. The goal in the Agriculture program is to bring students closer to the food that they consume and to give them the tools to sustain themselves with healthier food alternatives.

By the end of the students’ road through the Agriculture program, they will have become active members of Missouri FFA Chapter MO0128 and have completed instruction in Agriculture Science 1, Agriculture Science 2, Small Animal Science, and Greenhouse Operation Management. Additionally, as seniors, students will have the opportunity to complete an Industry Recognized Credential within a variety of options.

Select students are eligible for paid internship opportunities throughout the school year.

Operations include:

  • Fruit Orchard
  • 1 Acre Land for Row Crops
  • Raised Bed Gardening
  •  6,000 square feet of greenhouse space
  • Poultry Run - Egg laying hens and meat poultry
  • Goat Pasture - Meat goats
  • Honey Bee Cultivation

Career Path + Salary Ranges*

  • Agricultural and Food Science Technicians - $41,230
  • Agricultural and Food Scientists - $65,160
  • Farmers, Ranchers and Other Agricultural Managers - $71,160
*Data taken from the National Occupational Handbook