Pylons Advanced Academics and Gifted Program

  • The Pylons Advanced Academics and Gifted Program provides unique opportunities for highly motivated students.  The program is designed to prepare students  for the next phase of their education.  Participating students will benefit from a highly rigorous curriculum designed to challenge them to think critically, expand their knowledge, learn time management, and enhance their study skills. 

    In order to meet the needs and develop the full academic potential in advanced learners, the Pylons Honors Program is committed to providing challenging learning experiences which capitalize on individual strengths and optimize the academic potential for all students.

    Delivery of Services

    In addition to differentiated lessons from the KCPS core curriculum, services provided to identified Pylons students will extend classroom learning, encourage students to think on a higher level, and promote the study of sophisticated and complex content.  Outlined below are  the components of the Pylons Honors Program that will support identified students in learning to deep levels of understanding.

    Destined for Greatness

    Destined for Greatness, the elementary component of the Pylons Honors Program offers:
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies
    • Project Based Learning
    • Field Trips
    • A Showcase of Learning

    Junior Pylons 

    Junior Pylons builds upon the foundation laid by Destined for Greatness and prepares 7-8 grade students for the rigor of the 9-12 secondary school academic experience.  Junior Pylons will include the opportunity for:
    • Honors Courses
    • A Showcase of Learning

    Senior Pylons

    Senior Pylons have an opportunity to continue in a rigorous curriculum that includes:
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) courses
    • Advance Placement (AP) courses
    • Honors Courses
    • A Senior Capstone Project
    • Summer Academic Camp opportunities
    • Graduating Pylon Scholars Receive Special Recognition



  • The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Second Edition (NNAT2) is used to determine a student's eligibility for the Pylons Honors Program.  The NNAT2 is an assessment of general ability in seven grade-based levels for students in grades K-12.  It will give an accurate, culturally neutral measure of general ability without reliance on language or motor skills.  The NNAT2 is administered annually to 100% of students enrolled in the target grade. This district-wide screening occurs during the November testing cycle.
    Parents, teachers, or community members may also submit a Nomination Form to a local KCPS school to refer a student for screening. To complete the referral process an Inventory Form and a Consent to Evaluate Form must also be submitted before a testing date can be determined. A link to the referral  forms can be found in the Resources section below.


  • Anna Blancarte, Director

    Direct Line: (816) 418-2681
    Main Office: (816) 418-7402
    Fax: (816) 418-7409

    Andrew Urban, Coordinator for Advanced Placement Program

    Direct Line: (816) 418-2681
    Main Office: (816) 418-7402
    Fax: (816) 418-7409