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Frequently Asked Accreditation Questions

PLEASE NOTE: In the event you are interested in transferring from an unaccredited school district, please call (816) 418-7941.
What is KCPS’s current accreditation situation?
KCPS is currently an unaccredited school system. The loss of accreditation became official on January 1, 2012. However, some schools hold a secondary form of accreditation through AdvancED.

Does unaccredited status affect students’ diplomas?
Students who graduate from an unaccredited school district will still receive diplomas. Presumably, they will have completed the coursework required by the state and met the local district’s requirements for graduation. As far as state education officials are concerned, the diploma of a student who graduates from an unaccredited school district is valid.
How do I learn more about the transfer process?
Click here to get an overview of the process. 

What about eligibility for scholarships?
This issue is not addressed by the law. Students who graduate from an unaccredited school district should still be eligible for any scholarship for which they would otherwise qualify. An unaccredited rating reflects the performance of a school district, not the qualifications or accomplishments of any individual student.

Does loss of accreditation mean the state is taking over KCPS?
The immediate answer is no. State law defines several circumstances under which the State Board of Education may intervene in the governance and operation of a local school district. In most cases, a district must be unaccredited for two full school years before the state would have authority to intervene.

How does KCPS plan to proceed?
The district will continue implementation of Phase II of the Transformation Plan, a blueprint to improve education for students. The district is working closely with state officials on what actions are needed to make progress toward full accreditation. KCPS administration and officials from DESE (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) are holding monthly Regional School Improvement Team meetings every month at Manual Career Technical School, 1215 E. Truman Road. The purpose of the meetings is to provide DESE with an update and work collaboratively to restore the district’s accreditation.

What if I have additional questions?
Please call the Office of Public Relations and Marketing at 816-418-7406 for more information.