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    HELP WANTED: Talented, Passionate and Dedicated Educators
    Employment We have a mission in Kansas City Public Schools: to maintain a laser-like focus on meeting the unique educational needs of every individual student. That's a big job. It requires a commitment to achieving long-term success, gaining and maintaining top-flight skills as a professional, caring deeply about children, families and colleagues, flawless customer service, and communicating and collaborating well with individuals from a wide variety of ethnic, racial and socio-economic situations.
    Employment 2 Every employee is an educator in KCPS. Education happens in classrooms, labs, studios, gyms, hallways, offices, sidewalks, playing fields and school foyers. We know that children are learning wherever and whenever they are interacting with adults. Every time we interact with parents and family members is a lesson, too. We're showing them how much we care about the success of their children. That means that each employee is in some way a teacher, regardless of their title. Joining the elite ranks of Team KCPS means gladly taking on that responsibility.
    We need talented, passionate and dedicated educators in KCPS. Our work is important and the stakes are high. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages, outstanding professional development and excellent employee support services because we're committed to making the investment necessary to attract the best professionals. Education is first and foremost about people, and we're serious about creating a work environment where every employee can thrive. If you want to make a real and very positive difference in the lives of our children, please consider applying for one of our open positions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I apply for a position that is not listed on the website?

    A: Unfortunately, our web site is set up to only allow individuals to apply for the positions posted on the website. We do not accept unsolicited applications.  

    Q: How can I check the status of my application?

    A: Once you log in the application system you can go to application status and it will tell you if your application has been received, if it is under review, or if you have moved forward in the screening process.

    Q: How long will it take to hear back from someone once I have an interview?

    A: The application and interview process could take up to 30 days. 

    Q: What factors are considered before hiring?

    A: Many factors are reviewed prior to an offer for employment with Kansas City Public Schools including, information contained on the application, background, experiences, education, references, background checks and responses received during the interview.

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