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New Head Football Coach

Today, we took a bold step forward with our football program, announcing William Lowe as the new head football coach of Lincoln College Prep Tigers! 

In the interview with Coach Lowe several themes have emerged.  First and foremost, Coach Lowe is a natural leader with deep personal investment in the development and well-being of the young men under his charge.  Second, he is an intense competitor who will leave no stone unturned in his quest to be successful.  Third, this is a man with the highest ethical standards, who will lead us to a position of state prominence without cause for concern about the way in which our success is attained.  Under Coach Lowe’s leadership, I have great confidence we will achieve the three goals we set for our coaches.  We will change the lives of our student-athletes.  We will energize and impassion our fan base.  And we will win!

With Coach Lowe at the forefront, we are assembling a team to begin our ascent toward the pinnacle of state championship football.   And understand this: that team includes you, along with a coalition of hundreds of Lincoln Tiger supporters across the country. Today is a signal that we will not accept mediocrity.  Ours is a standard of excellence, built on a championship culture and fueled by the passion of our fans and alumni.  Together, there is truly no limit on what we can accomplish.

Please join me in welcoming head coach Lowe, his wife, and the entire Lowe family on our journey.  Be proud to be a Tiger.  With your help, we will be champions.

With tremendous enthusiasm for our bright future,

Steve Evans, Principal