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Extended Day Enrollment Information

PreK Extended Day Enrollment and Fee Payment System



Please find above some information to enroll in MyPaymentsPlus the payment system we will utilize for Extended day fees. After parents have created an account, they are ready to enroll in the Extended Day program.


Additional details are below:


·         Half day children do not qualify for Extended Day programming.

·         Parents will need their child’s ID number to set up an account.

·         There is a feature which allows non-parents to set up a “guest” account and make payments towards a specific child’s fees. 

·         PreK Extended day seats are limited, each school will be allotted 10 extended care seats per every 20 children enrolled in the educational day.

·         Parents must be working full time or in school full time and are required to provide documentation upon acceptance.

·         The monthly fee is $184 dollars, a sliding fee reduction in that amount may occur based on household size and income.

·         Parents will see their fee amount when they enroll. If they are eligible for a reduced fee, that fee determination will be reflected on the enrollment tab.

·         Fees will be due on the 15th of each month

·         A late payment fee will be applied to accounts not paid in full by the 15th of each month.

·         Cash payments and money orders will be accepted by the Treasury Department staff members at the BOE building.

·         We will accept State of Missouri Child Care Subsidy assistance, parents are expected to pay their co-pay and any fees left over from the previous month by the due date of the 15th.



The enrollment staff in the Office of Early Learning are fielding many phone calls right now about PreK enrollment along with screenings and finalizing enrollment paperwork.