What is the process for picking up my child(ren) after school?

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Parents may either choose to remain in their car and have the child(ren) escorted to them or park and pick-up children. Parents need to communicate their preferences with their child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year. If you choose to drive-thru, you will enter through the parking lot on 63rd street and form a line. A para/teacher will come to each car, you’ll tell them your child(ren)’s name(s) and they’ll walkie-talkie to the auditorium, where the child will be escorted to your car. For those that choose to park, enter through the main door off Wornall (push buzzer to be let into building), and proceed to auditorium. Children are let out at 3:10, so there is a line of parents waiting to pick up. Children wait in the seats according to classroom teacher/age group. A paraprofessional will have a clipboard with a sign-out sheet for you to complete each day. Leave the auditorium with your child(ren) through the South doors. If you are having another person pick up your child(ren) or are collecting someone else’s child(ren) you can make arrangements in advance by calling the main office at 816-418-5150.