Dr. Mark Bedell

A Letter From Dr. Bedell

Greetings, KCPS families, friends, staff and visitors!

Dr Mark Bedell

Great things are happening in Kansas City Public Schools, and 2020 is going to be even more exciting. We are the midst of a great endeavor, and our hard work is paying off as we see more and more of our students achieve their dreams.

When I came to KCPS, I was struck by the fact that our students and families face many challenges outside our schools that then become obstacles to teaching and learning. Issues like the lack of economic opportunity, affordable housing, neighborhood instability and crime all impact the ability of students to succeed in school. We made it a top priority to help address these challenges by launching an initiative to turn our schools into centers of trauma-informed care. This is a big, complicated process, but, at its heart, it means teaching and equipping our staff to recognize the impact of trauma on our students and intervene appropriately. There is a ton of research-based evidence that trauma-informed interventions work. But it does require a significant investment of time, money and talent. I'm thrilled to share that we recently earned a $2.5 million federal grant that will allow us to significantly enhance and expand our trauma-informed schools initiative. This is already having a positive impact on our students and staff. I am so grateful to our team for their hard work and proud of our students. They demonstrate every day that they are among the brightest and most resilient young people in Kansas City.

Ensuring that we continue to develop our schools so that they serve the needs of every student means that we need a very clear idea of how we are going to change over the next decade.

KCPS is embarking upon an extensive planning and engagement process that will capture how we approach the future of schools in our school district and community. The process of engaging our school district and community will be an opportunity to gather voices and participate in conversations that are important to the future of our schools.

Help shape and refine our plans for the future! Read more about Blueprint 2030, the opportunity for all of our school and community stakeholders to get involved and our goals for the future of KCPS.

Learn more at the new Blueprint 2030 website. Visit the site regularly to keep up-to-date in regard to community engagement, surveys, focus groups and more.

Want to get involved? Share your thoughts on our Community Survey or email our Communications Department to volunteer for one of our focus groups or the Blueprint 2030 Advisory Team.

Thank you for being a part of our process as we plan for the future of education in Kansas City!

Yours in education,
Dr. Mark Bedell
Superintendent of Schools