Dr. Mark Bedell

A Letter From Dr. Bedell

Hello, KCPS families, friends, staff and visitors!

Dr Mark Bedell

We are so excited to be starting our new year in Kansas City Public Schools. Our teachers have been working hard to prepare amazing, engaging lessons and experiences for your child. One of our priorities is to communicate regularly with you about the things we can do together to ensure success for our students. Attendance is one of those opportunities.

I am always so grateful to our parents for the efforts they put in to ensure that every student is in school and ready to learn throughout the class day. Our teachers prepare detailed lesson plans that require every single minute of class time. We need to do this in order to help our students make the academic, social and emotional gains that are expected by you and all of our other parents.

One of the best and easiest things you can do to be part of that growth process is to have your child in class during the entire school day. Whether a student is a walker, car rider or bus rider, we need them to arrive at school no later than your school's start time and to leave no earlier than the final bell. We understand that there are rare occasions when your child will need to arrive late or leave early. We just request that those exceptions be minimized. Having a student leave class even just a few minutes early can cause severe disruptions. Teachers have to put the rest of the class on hold while this situation is resolved. The student in question loses time to learn. This can add up quickly.

Every single minute in class is important. I know you want your child to thrive. That’s why I know you will join me in doing everything possible to give our students the time they need to achieve their dreams. That’s how we do things in Kansas City Public Schools. It’s our time!

Yours in education,
Dr. Mark Bedell
Superintendent of Schools