Dr. Mark Bedell

A Letter From Dr. Bedell

Hello, KCPS families, friends, staff and visitors!

Dr Mark Bedell

First, I want to give an enormous shout-out to all the amazing students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School who were honored recently during that school's attendance awards celebration. We are in the midst of a great endeavor to ensure that we give our children every possible opportunity to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. One of the most important things we can do for our students is to make sure they are in school on time and ready to learn every single day. All of the other ways that we help our children begins with that step. I know that all of our schools are doing fun, innovative things to increase attendance. I am excited to see the difference this is going to make as we continue with our school year.

I am also very excited to start my tour of schools this fall. Beginning this week, I will be visiting several of our elementary schools to share my personal and professional story with students, to show them how they can overcome the obstacles in their way, and to encourage them to take a long-term view of their future. I always end up getting as much out of these events as the students. I come away feeling encouraged and more determined to do everything possible to help them succeed.

I was extremely encouraged by the great group of young people who have signed-up for our first-ever Student District Advisory Committee (SDAC). The goal of the SDAC is to empower students to affect change in their school, developing future leaders and education advocates. The group is being coordinated by KCPS Family and Community Engagement team members Camila Alvarez and Courtney Adams. I was so impressed by what I witnessed during their first meeting on Sept. 18. About 45 outstanding youth demonstrated that we truly do have some of the best and brightest students in the nation. I am proud of them and looking forward to seeing what they accomplish!

Yours in education,
Dr. Mark Bedell
Superintendent of Schools