• About African-Centered College Preparatory

    The African-Centered College Preparatory Academy (AC Prep) is a Signature School program within Southeast High School. AC Prep provides a unique college preparatory curriculum that is consistent with KCPS, but strives to exceed mandates and reach a higher level of expectation and challenge.

    Using Culture to Develop Scholars and Leaders

    AC Prep uses a culturally relevant approach, for scholars to develop leadership skills, social responsibility and personal life skills. Our program uses a rigorous curriculum ranging from 9-12th grade, which emphasizes college prep, world languages and cultural foundations of drumming, art, drama, music, theater and dance. We have learning academies and social clubs, as well as opportunities to study abroad.

    Campus scholars must adhere to high expectations, strict rules, and academic rigor. All scholars and parents must participate in a mandatory interview process and orientation before being enrolled.

    Offering Early College Opportunities

    Scholars attending the AC Prep upper campus have the distinct opportunity of participating in our Early College Academy (ECA) program. ECA is designed to allow scholars to earn up to 60 hours of college credit, or an Associate’s degree, at no cost to their parents/guardians, while earning their high school diploma all as part of their AC Prep experience. ECA students are considered both high school and college students, allowing students access to participate in extra-curricular activities.